Mobile app "Stop! Traukinys" privacy policy

The Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Data Controller) establishes the conditions for the processing of personal data using this mobile application managed by the Data Controller with this Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Privacy Policy). The terms of this Privacy Policy apply to your access to the content and / or service we provide, regardless of which device (mobile phone, tablet) you use.
Data controller details:
Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration
Institution code: 188647255
Head office address: Švitrigailos g. 42, LT-03209 Vilnius
Tel. +370 5 2785601
El. e-mail:

It is very important that you read the Privacy Policy carefully, because every time you visit the Mobile App owned by the Data Controller, you agree to the terms described in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not visit our mobile app or use our content and / or services.
We confirm that the data of the Data Controller's mobile app will be collected in accordance with the requirements of the valid legal acts of the European Union and the Republic of Lithuania and the instructions of the controlling authorities. All reasonable technical and administrative measures are in place to protect the data we collect about mobile app visitors from loss, unauthorized use and alteration.

Information provided directly by you
• gender - required for statistical data analysis;
• date of birth - required for statistical analysis of data.

Information on how to use our mobile app
If you visit our mobile app, we also collect information that reveals the features of using our services, or automatically generate visit statistics.
Information sent for data verification:
• user ID - required for user identification;
• GPS location - required for navigation and data verification (collected even when the app is inactive);
• time - required for data verification;
• Phone model and its operating system version - required for data verification.
Other information we collect
We may also collect other information about you, your device or your use of the content of our mobile app with your consent.
You may choose not to provide us with certain information, but in that case you may not be allowed to use certain services.

We may use the information we collect for the following purposes:
• learn how people use our online services to improve them and create new content;
• we use the user ID, GPS location, time, phone model and its operating system version for data verification;
• in other ways with your consent.⃰
⃰ We inform you that you have the right to object or at any time withdraw your consent to the processing of your data for the above-mentioned purposes marked with an asterisk.

We undertake not to transfer your personal data to any unrelated third parties, except in the following cases:
• if you consent to the disclosure of personal data;
• institutions in accordance with the procedure provided for in the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

Personal data is protected from loss, unauthorized use and alteration. We have put in place physical and technical measures to protect all information we collect for the purposes of providing our services. Please note that while we take reasonable steps to protect your information, no website, mobile app, online transaction, computer system, or wireless connection is completely secure.

The data subject whose data is processed in the activities of the Data Controller has the following rights:
• know (be informed) about the processing of your data (right to know);
• access to your data and how it is processed (right of access);
• request the rectification or, depending on the purposes of the processing of personal data, the addition of incomplete personal data (right of rectification);
• destroy your data or suspend the processing of your data (excluding storage) (right to destroy and right to be "forgotten");
• require the personal Data Controller to restrict the processing of personal data for one of the legitimate reasons (right to restrict);
• the right to transfer data (right to transfer);
• not consent to the processing of personal data when such data are processed or are intended to be processed for the purposes of direct marketing, including profiling in so far as it relates to such direct marketing.
The Data Subject has the right to submit any request or instruction related to the processing of personal data to the Data Controller in writing in one of the following ways: by delivering it directly to the address Švitrigailos str. 42, Vilnius, by post Švitrigailos g. 42, LT-03209 Vilnius, el. email